Virtual Seminars on Complexity

The present world situation lead to the cancellation of all the major conferences and meetings. 

The Center for Complexity and Biosystems of the University of Milan responds to this situation by organizing a seminar series starting in  

September 2020 every Tuesday at 4pm (CEST Time).

We offer an attractive format for speakers and audience in the quickly growing research field of complex systems with prominent speakers from all around the world.  Fields of applications of complexity are varied and span  all the physical, biological and social science.

The focus will  be on interdisciplinary contributions based  on quantitative tools, theoretical and computational models, big data analysis and experiments.

We call the scientific community working on complex systems and related area to propose speakers and seminar topics by writing an email to or the organizers.

BIGMATH fellows will contribute to these seminars with talks addressing their expirience in the big data domain.

Seminars will take place on zoom and will be streamed/stored in youtube

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