Project partners

BIGMATH is run by an academic-industrial consortium, composed by 10 partners

University of Milan (UMIL) is a public teaching and research university including 32 Departments and a teaching staff of 2000 professors. A leading institution in Italy and Europe for scientific productivity, the University hosts approximately 64,000 students and is an important resource for the socio-economic context of the region. University of Milan belongs to the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and traditionally maintains a wide range of international contacts. UMIL is leading the BIGMATH project through the Department of Environmental Science and Policy (DESP) which has been recently constituted with 50 members and 12 technical and administrative staff. Research is performed by groups that manage technical as well as human and financial resources and develop research lines, in part autonomously and in part in a rich network of collaborations.

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), with its ca 3000 employees and 11000 students, is an institution for technical-scientific education and research. It is located in a region where 50% of Dutch research and development activity takes place, making it a natural partner for high quality and technologically advanced enterprises. TU/e cooperates with many institutions across the globe and has been collaborating with partner institutions within Europe for the last decades. It is worldwide number 1 in collaboration with industry according to the Times Higher Education Ranking 2017.

Instituto Superior Tecnico de Lisboa (IST) is a public teaching and research university, the largest school of Architecture, Engineering, Science and Technology in Portugal. There are about 10,500 full-year equivalent under and post graduate students, and about 1,500 full time equivalent teaching and non-teaching staff. Internationalization has been defined as a key strategic goal over the past few years with increasing number of international students and staff as well as an increasing participation in international academic networks (e.g. CLUSTER, TIME, CESAER, MAGALHÃES, EIT-KIC InnoEnergy). Through a large number of agreements with other institutions worldwide, IST participates in more than 25 Dual Master programmes, and joint PhD programmes with MIT, CMU, UT-Austin and EPFL, thus promoting a highly modern and culturally diverse society. The Mathematics Department (DM) is the largest math department in Portugal, with 92 faculty members. Its members belong to 4 different research centers, all ranked excellent or very good by the Portuguese Research foundation. The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (DECE) has about 100 faculty members holding doctoral degrees, who have a solid scientific background and strong experience in research projects, both nationally and internationally.

University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences (UNSPMF) is an educational and research institution with around 600 employees and 4,500 students covering mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, biochemistry, environmental protection, ecology and geography. UNSPMF is firmly committed to internationalization and is participating in available EU and global programmes funding education and research along with many bi- and multilateral education and research projects. The Department of Mathematics and Informatics (DMI) is a leading scientific department, a regional reference point in the area of mathematics, in particular of applied mathematics. DMI hosts the only national centre of excellence in mathematics: Centre for Mathematical Research of Nonlinear Phenomena since 2008.

AcomeA SGR S.p.A. is an Italian Asset Management company founded in 2010 by a group of experienced fund managers and entrepreneurs. It is completely independent from any bank or financial group. This independence allows a perfect alignment of interests between clients and AcomeA’s shareholders. The company manages 14 mutual funds and free choice is given to customers for subscription of A1 (advice included) or A2 (execution only) class. It is possible to invest in all the funds directly from AcomeA or via third party providers (as of today, agreements with 25 intermediaries have been signed). With more than 35.000 different customers, it has a large and diverse customer-base, including both institutional and personal investors. Thanks to the direct relationship with its customers and the regulation of the mutual funds, the company has data to study the financial behaviour of these individuals and aims to help them to improve it, through specific contents or developing financial ad hoc instrument to better manage and save money. In this context get to know as much as possible its own customers is a key asset of the business, for a better service and a correct developing strategy. In 2014 AcomeA launched a new project, Gimme5, a mobile and web App which allows to save and invest little by little, starting with as little as 5€. Lowering this entry threshold, halving costs and giving to both, small and big, savers and investors, a first class product, Gimme5 proposes a new strategic approach with a high growth prospective. It has a scalable model which could be easily exported to other Eurozone countries.

Centar za Investicije i Finansije d.o.o. (CIF) is a private company, specializing in software development in financial risk area. Its core team currently comprises 15 professionals, with 14 years of experience in mathematical modelling, either in consulting or directly in software development. The team has been successfully adapting relevant risk regulation within the Basel BIS framework (Basel I, II, III) in its dedicate software application, along with other risk-relevant regulation such as IFRS9. Based on its independent modelling, the team has also developed a credit risk internal rating software application. During its history, the Center has done consulting or implemented its software in a wide variety of financial institutions or international organization, including, for instance, UniCredit Bank Serbia, the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Inter-American Bank for Development, interpedently or in consortia with partners such as KPMG or PwC.

SDG is using advanced analytics to solve client problems ranging from predictive and prescriptive manufacturing to customer behaviour analytics. Methods used come from statistics, machine learning, applied mathematics and AI.

LIME is a mathematical engineering firm that focuses on the industry. LIME is unique in offering a broad and high level of competence combined with high accessibility. The LIME team consists of highly educated mathematicians, physicists and econometrists. The company offers expertise in the form of consulting or on a flexible project-by-project basis. LIME translates practical problems into descriptive models and works internationally for multinationals, SME’s and start-ups. Sectors in which the company has acquired references are high-tech, semiconductor, mining, oil & gas, supply chain, logistics, packaging, production and software.

μRoboptics is a Portuguese SME which provides specialized consulting services in the areas of robotics, computer vision, information technologies and engineering. The company was started in 2013 and combines solid scientific knowledge with a practical engineering spirit to deliver state-of- the-art solutions. The current focus is on technological research and development solutions for 3D reconstruction and bio-informatics. In this project μRoboptics will focus on developing 3d parametric models for human features and their fitting to acquired 3d point clouds. This includes acquisition of human 3d shape data as well as manipulation and fitting of 3d models, enabling the required developments for generating prosthetic parts. Currently, μRoboptics is involved in a variety of projects concerning the modelling, fitting and visualization of 3d data, both nationally and internationally, with both health and engineering applications.

3Lateral is a privately-owned company specialized in seamless and real-time digitalization of humans, recognized as a world leader developing technologies that enable capture, processing, and compression of data streamlined to produce deformable biokinetic models of a human face in a digital form (facial rigs). Their solutions are predominantly applied for creation of high-quality computer generated humans for video games and film, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, medicine, and security industries. 3Lateral’s state-of-the-art digital humans are built by relying on the proprietary developed 3D and 4D facial scanning technology which captures high-quality inputs that are embedded in digital models of a human face, but also applied for the related research activities. For this purpose, 3Lateral gathers a multidisciplinary team covering the artistic, engineering and scientific knowledge pool. Their team holds a thorough understanding of challenges around human digitalization, has a welldeveloped internal training and knowledge sharing pipeline, has set an advanced infrastructure and toolset for facial data acquisition and processing. 3Lateral has won the Siggraph 2016 Award for Best Real-Time Graphics & Interactivity for a showcase demonstration of a real-time demo of the digital human.